Here’s My Story

Andrea Lemone

My name is Andrea Lemone, and I’ve been instructing people on the GRE, GMAT, and SAT tests for years (not to mention others).

Fellow educators and I built The Student Guide—a one-stop shop to help you ethically prepare for your upcoming tests without requiring a login or thousands of dollars on classes like some online education vendors.

We believe that education shouldn’t be bottlenecked by income.

Applying yourself to your higher education tests, such as the SATs, is extremely important for accessing a higher quality of life (and even better education). We make it easy to prepare.

I’ve been educating children in New York state for the last nineteen years, and I have no plans of slowing down.

I’ve seen firsthand what quality education and attention to detail can do to improve a person’s life.

I’ve had many students come back to me and tell me that what I’ve taught them has helped them apply their focus throughout their high school and college years.

I want to offer you the same.

The Student Guide is your free resource for test prep.

I want to introduce my colleagues that helped make this possible as well.