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MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review


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The Princeton Review MCAT Subject Review Complete Box Set


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Examkrackers Mcat Study Package


The Best MCAT Prep Books For 2021 Reviewed 4


MCAT Prep Books 2021-2022


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MCAT Flashcards

Your score on the MCAT is one of the key criteria to evaluate your candidacy when preparing an application for medical school.

The unfortunate reality is that it can prove to be a challenge when studying for the exam since various aspects of knowledge and your types of skills are tested. 

Therefore investing in an MCAT is of paramount importance as it can simplify the studying process and help you grasp the most important concepts for your exam.

Sadly, not many students know what makes an effective MCAT resource, and this is why we’ve put together this convenient buying guide to help you find the best book to prepare for your exam. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best books on the market and why you should be investing in them.

BEST Overall: MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review

MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review 2021-2022

This book includes updates across all seven books to reflect the most accurate, latest and most testable materials on the MCAT.

The books are even more streamlined and intuitive, making it easy to review thanks to the new layouts. In this book, you will find a detailed subject to review, efficient strategies and three full-length online practise questions which are all authored by the experts behind the MCAT prep course.

This course helps more people get into medical school than any other major courses combined.

Some of the bonuses include guided examples, expert thinking in their behavioral sciences, biology books and biochemistry, which present scientific articles that walk you through challenging open-ended questions.

You will also find charts, diagrams, graphs and full-color as well as 3-D illustrations from Scientific American, which helps turn even the most complex science into easy to visualize concepts. 

The full-color 24 page MCAT sheets emphasize on the most important information in visual form. The high-yield badges indicate the most testable content based on AAMC materials and concepts summaries that boil down the need-to-know information in each chapter are included.

This is a completely revamped CARS content with updated methods for the latest exam challenges.

Some other bonuses include one-year online access to the full practice tests, practice questions, instructional videos as well as various quizzes. There is also 15 multiple-choice “test your knowledge” questions at the end of each chapter for all books except CARS. 

You will learn to apply concepts and equations by hundreds of practice questions in the book. To ensure you stay focused on the most relevant information in each chapter, you’ll find learning objectives and concept checks included.

With this prep book, you will find sidebars illustrating connections between concepts and including the references to more information, mnemonics, real-world tie-ins as well as MCAT specific tips. All materials are vetted by editors with advanced science degrees and by a medical doctor. 

You also find a comprehensive subject review written by award-winning and top-rated Kaplan instructors who will guide you on to focus your efforts and how to organize your review.

The team has spent years studying every MCAT related document available, and therefore you can rest assured that the practice questions and study materials are true to the test.


  • Expert guidance
  • Realistic practice
  • Easy to visualize concepts


  • The quality of the questions stands to be improved

Product specifications

  • Course Coverage: Complete
  • Online Resources: Yes, 1 year free
  • Accessories: Realistic practice questions and quizzes
  • Last Updated: 2020

Best Comprehensive MCAT Review: The Princeton Review MCAT Subject Review Complete Box Set

The Princeton Review MCAT Subject Review Complete Box Set

The Princeton Review MCAT Subject Review Complete Box Set includes seven complete books that cover all parts of the MCAT including biochemistry, biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, psychology and sociology, physics and math as a critical analysis and reasoning skills.

In-depth subject to view coverage of each of the challenging test subjects are included as well as three full- length practice tests also accessible online to help you benchmark your score. 

There are literally thousands of practice questions in end-of-chapter review sections and the MCAT style practice passages.

You will also find a resource chapter summaries review, full-color illustrations, tables and diagrams for easy visual comprehension as well as strategic techniques and test-taking guidance to help hone your skills to take the MCAT more effectively.

Some of the online student tools deliver up to the moment info on any late-breaking AAMC exam updates as well as extensive glossaries in each book for immediate distance and review

These books focus on just the exam content you need to know and are updated on a regular basis, so every minute of your time counts.

There are realistic practice tests, drills and step-by-step examples to ensure that you will be ready on test day. Since this material is written by actual teachers, they are infused with a human personality that helps make learning easy and effective. 

Based on over 35 years of experience, the strategies and techniques are proven to increase your scoring success. Ultimately, the experts at the Princeton review have been helping educators, students and parents achieve the best results at every stage of the education process since the 1980s. 

Aside from assisting millions in succeeding on standardized tests, they also provide expert advice and instruction assisting parents, teachers and students, as well as schools, navigate the complexities of school admission.

They offer custom classes in 40 states and countries, so you will find various online resources and school-based courses.


  • Realistic and effective practice tools
  • Proven strategies
  • Engaging and witty


  • Information is a bit outdated

Product specifications

  • Course Coverage: Complete
  • Online Resources: Yes
  • Accessories: Yes
  • Last Updated: 2018

Best Essentials For MCAT: Examkrackers Mcat Study Package

Examkrackers Mcat Study Package

The ExamCrackers MCAT study package is designed to teach students how to think MCAT.

This is why the course materials were intentionally created with a dual voice; one voice to teach all the content there is to know on the MCAT and the second voice to tell you how to approach this content when facing MCAT research topics and questions.

So the MCAT would ask you to apply physical, biological and social sciences simultaneously, so the team of doctors and admissions counselors have built-in MCAT learning tools in the columns of every page. This material builds your mental map for you, making crossing disciplines second nature.

So these teach you how to read and also teach you when to read thoroughly and when to read leisurely and brush through. It also gives you the best times to read and how many times to read your MCAT material.

The study format, which is combined with full mini exams at the end of every chapter ensures that the concepts in MCAT come naturally to you on MCAT day.


  • Comprehensive study package
  • Provides the content and teaches you how to approach it
  • Teaches you how and when to read the content


  • Errors in Biochemistry book

Product specifications

  • Course Coverage: Comprehensive
  • Online Resources: No
  • Accessories: Yes
  • Last Updated: 2016

Best Mcat Review Book: MCAT Prep Books 2021-2022

MCAT Prep Books 2021-2022

The MCAT Prep Books 2021-2022 I design practice test pistons for the MCAT. So if you’re trying to achieve higher MCAT scores, then this is the one for you. The comprehensive guide includes: 

  • Quick overview so that you can find out what’s inside the test and an introduction to getting a breakdown of the test is and what’s on it
  • Test-taking strategies to help you overcome your exam
  • Biological and biochemical foundations of living systems
  • Psychological, social and biological foundations of behavior
  • Chemical and physical foundations of biological systems
  • Critical analysis and reasoning skills
  • Practice questions because practice makes perfect
  • Detailed answer explanations to help you figure out where you went strong and how to improve

Each section of the test has a comprehensive review created by Test Prep that goes into detail to cover all of the content likely to be on the test.

Since it is developed to give students the best practice that they can find, the test prep practice questions are as close to what you are actually going to find on the MCAT. 

This is why you will notice that every problem is followed by an answer explanation. It’s frustrating to miss a question and not understand why and this is why the answer explanations will help you learn from your mistakes so you can avoid missing it again in the future. 

As the test taker, you need to fully comprehend the material that is being covered and be familiar with the latest test-taking strategies. These strategies are necessary to critically use the time provided. 

They help you take the complete test without making errors, and it contains the best test-taking tips. And since the company loves taking care of their test-takers, they ensure that you can interact with an actual human being when you email your comments or concerns.


  • Comprehensive review
  • Practice questions and answer explanations
  • Best test-taking strategies


  • No drawbacks at the time of writing this review

Product specifications: 

  • Course Coverage: Comprehensive
  • Online Resources: Not specified
  • Accessories: Yes
  • Last Updated: 2020

Best Mcat Anki Deck: MCAT Flashcards

MCAT Flashcards

The MCAT Flashcards contain 1000 essential flashcards to help you master the material and score higher on your MCAT. Developed by Kaplan’s MCAT team, these flashcards are the definitive source for coverage of the terms, definitions and concepts of the MCAT.

They also contain the best behavioral sciences terms, concepts and definitions from parts of the brain to health disparities. Students will find 187 biochemistry terms, definitions and concepts from protein folding to inborn errors of metabolism. 

There are 247 biology terms, definitions and concepts from anatomy to evolution, as well as 90 organic chemistry terms, concepts and definitions, such as carboxylic acid derivatives to spectroscopy. 

In addition, there are 143 general chemistry terms, concepts and definitions from atomic structures to thermochemistry and 103 physics definitions, terms and concepts from Newtonian mechanics to nuclear phenomena. 

The MCAT team has no doubt spent many years studying every MCAT document available and are therefore able to deliver the best study materials and practice questions to help you ace your MCAT.


  • 1000 chemistry, biology, physics and behavioral terms and definitions
  • Convenient size to carry along anywhere
  • Colour-coded organization to sort through your test prep requirements


  • Explanations could be simplified better

Product specifications

  • Course Coverage: Comprehensive
  • Online Resources: Yes
  • Accessories: Not specified
  • Last Updated: 2020

MCAT Prep Books FAQ

What is the best study material for the MCAT?


When it comes to the study material for the MCAT, the good news is that there are lots of credible and helpful resources.

While some students prefer looking for an MCAT course, you don’t really need one. In fact, you can self-study, especially if you have good habits and discipline. 

So by simply purchasing detailed course material from reputable companies such as Kaplan, ExamCrackers, and Princeton, you can be prepared for your MCAT. You also have the option of taking an MCAT course online or in-person, and this is entirely up to personal preference

When deciding which test prep companies you are going to go with, you need to understand that they all have access to the same information. So some of the options out there are:

  • Kaplan – which stresses exam taking strategy a bit more than the other companies.
  • Princeton – Which has a content-heavy course
  • ExamCrackers – offers online and in-classroom classes, but there are mixed reviews about the classrooms.

However, there are a few guidelines when choosing MCAT prep test resources. When you look for study material for your circumstances, you should consider things such as learning style, discipline about studying as well as financial considerations.

You should also understand where you are in your MCAT prep process and how you’re going to fit the course into your schedule.

As we mentioned earlier, while many people believe that they should be in some sort of formal class, either online or classroom-based, it may be a good idea to consider investing the money into a class that is not expensive.

How difficult is MCAT?

When it comes to answering this, there really is no straightforward answer. This is because it depends entirely on the individual and their discipline when it comes to studying.

However, it is safe to say that the MCAT is harder than a traditional college test mainly because it’s comprehensive and an interdisciplinary exam that covers a range of science subjects like physics, biology, and chemistry.

In addition to testing scientific knowledge, the MCAT also tests verbal skills by requiring premeds to read and interpret humanities and social science passages. 

Consequently, this test is also much longer than a typical college final. In fact, the entire test is approximately seven and a half hours for those who take the breaks between sections of the exam.

The test is also more of a marathon than a sprint, and therefore getting exceptional scores demands intellectual endurance.

However, the good news is that the MCAT is manageable if you approach it efficiently and diligently. So, in other words, you should work hard and smart. In a nutshell, let’s take a closer look at what makes this test more challenging than others:

  • It is longer
  • It contains 230 questions covering a range of subjects. 
  • It is a passage-based exam and requires you to synthesize information and interpret graphs. This adds a layer of complexity to the test.
  • There are lots of questions asked in a relatively short period of time.

Can you study for the MCAT in 1 month?


Studying for the MCAT in one month is possible.

However, you should know that this is quite a challenging task, but if you already have a strong grasp of science and critical reading foundation and are able to devote a significant amount of study time, then you may still be able to earn an impressive score by following a week by week plan. 

When should I start preparing for MCAT?

If you’re wondering when you should start preparing for the MCAT, then you’re not alone. The test is a daunting seven and a half hours and will test you on probably everything you’ve learned in your first years as an undergraduate study.

This is why lots of students feel lost when trying to determine how they can possibly study for such a critical and long test, let alone knowing when to begin their preparation.

The reality is knowing when to start studying for the MCAT will significantly differ between students and is largely dependent on your level of knowledge as well as available time commitment. 

Additionally, it’s not just important to understand when to start preparing for the MCAT, but it’s also crucial to know when to take the MCAT. As a rule of thumb, it makes sense to only take the MCAT when you feel 100% ready and confident in your ability to ace it.

Once you’re ready to take the test, you will have lots of opportunities to take the MCAT as it is offered multiple times a year at hundreds of locations across the US and Canada. However, you should be aware that registration is on a first come, first serve basis, so once you know when you’d like to take it, go ahead and register.

Is a good MCAT score to aim for?


The MCAT is scored according to the number of questions that are answered correctly.

So each correct response gets a number point while incorrect responses are treated the same as questions you did not answer. So if you are unsure of the answer, it is always a good idea to guess as this won’t negatively impact your score. 

The total number of correct answers in each section corresponds to a scaled score that ranges from the minimum score of 118 to the maximum score of 132.

Each section’s score is added to provide a total score ranging from 472 to 528. Both scores tie into a percentile rank, which reveals the percentage of examinees that received the same or lower score than you did. So this allows you to see how you scored against other test-takers. 

The highest possible score that one can get on MCAT is 528, which corresponds to the 99.9th percentile. Anything above 528 is a 99th percentile score or higher. However, a good MCAT score depends on the strength of the other piece of your application as such the schools you are intending to apply to. 

The average score for students admitted to an MD program between 2017 – 2018 in the US was between 510 and 511, with an average GPA of 3.71. 


So now that you have a better understanding of the amount of preparation that goes into your MCAT as well as how long you need to study and how disciplined you’ll need to be, you can start creating a schedule to organize what you’re going to learn each week. 

If you don’t do this, then the pressure is going to build up and feel overwhelming, so it’s a good idea to begin preparing with a dedicated study plan approximately six months from your test date. 

This gives you enough opportunity to organize your study so that the subject matter progresses appropriately, and you’ll be able to retain information on a consistent basis.

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